University of California, San Diego

Opened 1960
Type Public university
Location San Diego, California, USA
National ranking 28
Rankings 6 in Top Public Schools
Total enrollment 43381
Scholarship Yes


University of California, San Diego is a university in the American West Coast: southernmost megapolis of California. A few words about the UC system must be said first, as it is part of what makes the university so prestigious for. It is composed of 12 public research universities, campuses that constantly rank high in Global Ratings. UCSD was established in 1960, originally being a research institution for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics students, nowadays its faculties reach far beyond this specialty with many visual, performing arts opportunities, still remaining excellence in STEM. It’s no wonder university based in such big city has many students (about 40,000), the majority of which being undergraduate students. UCSD is a selective college, with admit rate usually being just over 20%. The university is a great place for research in Climate Change, Health and Artificial Intelligence, topics of high-demand in recent years. UCSD is in top 10 public universities in the United States which can be attributed to institutions big number of resources, funding expressing itself in large libraries and well-designed common students’ spaces allowing for collaborative learning. UC colleges have inclusive admission policies, being a benefit for international students with a diverse cultural background. The colleges seek exchange students every year as it is part of what they believe has strong impact on student performance and creativity.

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