GCSE is an academic qualification in a particular subject taken in the UK. Today GCSE can be taken in boarding schools or private colleges. In order to continue studying on A-level or other BTEC qualifications one must have GCSE certificate in the chosen area. Students study 6 – 8 subjects which they choose according to their future profession but Mathematics and English are compulsory in the majority of schools. At the end of studies students take final exams but in many subjects, students’ coursework is assessed as part of their GCSE results. The GCSE program is ideal for those who have not yet graduated from high school in their home country, but at the same time want to start a course of preparation for entering a higher educational institution as quickly as possible. The program is designed for only 1 year, during which you will intensively study English. If you need to improve your language for full GCSE classes, then you can take the Pre-GCSE program, which takes place in June and July as preparation for the fall term.
Minimum entry requirements:
Age: 14+;
English level: IELTS 3.0 – 4.0.

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