Studienkolleg is an institution which prepares international students to take a final exam (the Feststellungsprüfung or FSP) which grants them permission to attend a degree program in a German university. It provides students with the opportunity to learn German basics or improve their intermediate German language skills. Moreover, Studienkollegs prepare students for university life and study structure at German universities. Studienkollegs can be public or private. The public ones are free and offer more general course topics. Private Studienkollegs will have tuition fees but may be suitable for some students who need specific university courses. There are a select few Studienkollegs in English. However, because Studienkollegs are meant to prepare students for studies in Germany, the language of instruction is generally in German. Since there are more applicants than places at the Studienkollegs, the available spaces are usually awarded via a ranking. In order to do this, most Studienkollegs have an entrance exam which tests you in German language and mathematics. Whether you qualify to study at a Studienkolleg depends on your results on this exam. The Studienkolleg usually lasts one academic year and is divided into two semesters. It is possible to shorten your attendance to one semester for excellent achievement. If your performance is not satisfactory, as a rule each semester can be repeated once. Studienkolleg students usually study 5 – 7 subjects Normally the course ends after one year with a final assessment exam.

Minimum entry requirements:
German level: a minimum of B1 (Intermediate level);
Completed secondary education

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