To enter a Spanish university, both Spanish and foreign school-leavers need to pass an entrance exam which is Selectividad. It helds twice a year. Currently, there are three types of Selectividad exam:
1) PAU (Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad) – a united examination for all Spanish students, as well as foreigners who want to study in Barcelona and Valencia;
2) PCE (Pruebas de Competencias Específicas) – equivalent to PAU for foreign applicants, conducted by the National University of Distance Education (UNED). The exam can be taken as a distance one;
3) EbAu (Evaluación de Bachillerato para el Acceso a la Universidad) is another type of PAU most often requested by educational institutions in Madrid.

Selectividad consists of two parts:
1) Compulsory part – Fase Obligatoria, which is taken by all graduates;
2) Optional part – Fase Voluntaria, which is taken by those who want to increase their final score.

So, the process of admission to universities in Spain is very individual and may differ in each case. It all depends on the chosen university, specialty and the rules of the Autonomous Region of the country in which the educational institution is located.

Minimum entry requirements:
Age: 18+

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