High School

High school in the USA is the last stage of secondary education in the country lasting from the 9th to the 12th grades. One of the benefits of studying at high school is the chance to be immersed in the real classroom and in English of course. You can really build good skills which will be helpful while applying to the University. You can also do some extracurricular activities which also can be a help in entering the university as well as earning credits in US high school. According to the chosen future speciality and the university for further education students choose the subjects to study according to entry requirements. But also there are compulsory ones like Maths, English, Literature, Science and others. The list of compulsory subjects can vary from state to state. There are also additional activities for students like different kinds of sport, indoor games, researching and others. However, students have to get 30 credits to graduate successfully. Last two years of high school students get ready to pass the final exams on Advanced Placement or IB.

Minimum entry requirements:
Completed secondary education

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