The highest German school leaving certificate is called “Abitur”. The Abitur generally qualifies the holder to enter any course of study at any universities in Germany. The Abitur is awarded in grade 12/13 and represents the assessment of the two final years of upper secondary schooling including final examination. Subjects are chosen from three subject areas, all of which must be represented and studied throughout the school career up to, and including, the Abitur examination itself:
1) languages, literature, arts;
2) social sciences;
3) mathematics, natural sciences, technology.
At least two subjects are taken as main intensive courses of which one must be German or a foreign language or Mathematics or a Natural science; the other subjects are taken as basic courses. English (in some states, French) is compulsory to Secondary School Certificate but need not be a major component of the Abitur examination. Nonetheless, one foreign language must be studied during the final two years to the Abitur level and is part of the overall result. Abitur examination dates and publication of the results vary from state to state. Due to Germany’s federal structure there is no single results day for the whole country. The minimum points for passing a German Abitur test is 300. If the qualification from your home country is equivalent to the German Abitur, you can be admitted directly into a degree program at a German university.
Minimum entry requirements:
German level: a minimum of B1 (Intermediate level)

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