University of California, Los Angeles

Opened 1919
Type Public land-grant research university
Location Westwood, Los Angeles, California, USA
National ranking 27
World ranking 19
Rankings #1 Public University in the USA
Total enrollment 46430
International students 5247


University of California Los Angeles is a very prestigious and high ranked university of the USA. UCLA is very popular among domestic and international students. It is very attractive for students due to its’ wide academic facilities, research work and of course the teaching staff including 6 Nobel Laureates in it. Another advantage is the university sport teams: 250 Olympic games medals were won by the University students and coaches. UCLA alumni is 24 Nobel Laureates, 2 main scientists of the USA Air Force. Forbes named UCLA #1 university in the USA comparing educational programs quality, university facilities and the fees. The University has 19 residences on its’ territory where student can stay for the period of studying. The University campus includes 68 ha of territory. UCLA library has over 12 000 000 books and is one the largest in the USA.
UCLA — is more than an educational institution, it is an economic engine.

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