The length of schooling usually is 11 or 12 years. The last two years of study (11th and 12th grades) actually prepare applicants for admission to the university. That is why school certificates of completion of 11th grade are often not recognized as equivalent to the school certificates of countries where the 12-year system is accepted. 
In this case, the Foundation Program comes to the applicant’s aid. 
It is a program of advanced study of the language and academic subjects. The Foundation prepares foreign students for higher education in the UK. A Foundation student does not need to take an A-Level exam. Students who have passed cutoff scores in all subjects, as well as have reached the required level of English, are guaranteed to enter the bachelor’s program. 
The Foundation Program can be done at preparatory colleges or at the university, where you plan to receive the BA degree. The duration of the program (2 – 6 trimesters) depends on English level. 

Entry requirements: 
Age: 16+ 
English level: IELTS 5.0 
Certificate of completed Secondary Education 

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