Master Degree

The Master’s degree is the second stage of higher education. The program lasts 2-3 years and can be obtained only if the student has Bachelor’s degree. While studying for Master’s degree, students gain deeper and more specialized knowledge in their chosen field of education. Master’s degree programs provide scientific training in accordance with the latest world achievements, ensure the development of professional skills, intellectual and creative abilities of students. At the end of their studies, students must pass a final evaluation exam and present their graduation thesis. Graduates of the Master’s degree are awarded the corresponding academic degree “Master”.

Types of postgraduate degrees:
PGCE, Postgraduate Certificate in Education – Teaching certificate;
DMS, Diploma of Graduate Studies – Diploma in Management;
MA, Master of Arts – Master of Humanities;
MSc, Master of Science – Master of Technical Sciences;
MBA, Master of Business Administration – Master of Business Administration;
LLM, Master of Law – Master of Law.

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