Graduate Certificate

A Graduate Certificate is an academic credential that represents the completion of a course of study, the level of which depends on the country in which the training happened. A Graduate Certificate requires a much more narrow knowledge than a Master’s degree, specializing in a specific industry. Because the purpose of the Graduate Certificate is different, it also requires less time: most can be completed in less than one year. The time spent on getting a Graduate Certificate depends on the amount of courses a student is allowed to take per term and the academic calendar in a specific program. A Graduate Certificate is a common path for the students who have already earned Baccalaureate as it can improve the qualifications when pursuing a career leading to higher salary and more job opportunities. The completion of the courses may also shorten the time of the degree following the Graduate Certificate as there may be significant overlap in classes taken in graduate programs. Working on a Graduate Certificate may not only be in a form of online/offline classes, but also include various internships and practicums relevant to the subject.

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