Northern Academy

Opened 2016
Type Boarding School
Location Middletown, NY, USA
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Northern Academy is a boarding school in the New York. One great benefit of its location is cultural diversity that will broaden the overlook of students from grades 9 to 12, though it also provides middle years education demonstrating school’s rich experience of working with growing individuals. This is also reflected in its academic curriculum which is designed to prepare students for life long journey of education: students not only have access to excellent traditional schooling that continuously expresses itself in high SAT scores, performance in AP classes and tests, but are given opportunities in compulsory activities like fine arts or athletics that develop social and artistic skills. Academic curriculum meets United States graduation requirements opening doors in worldwide-recognized higher education. With campus located in a suburban city Middle Town, Orange County, students can enjoy wide variety of outdoor activities. Another convenience of the campus is food that is cooked by world famous chefs 3 times a day and made up of healthy home-made meals. Students are taken to several events among which are ski trip, ping pong tournament and skating trip. The school has its students in some of the most prestigious clubs like Model UN, Math Olympiad and also special interest clubs like Newspaper, Yearbook, Dance and Cooking club. Northern academy provides Financial Aid so anyone can have access to excellent education.

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