Fryeburg Academy

Opened 1792
Type Private school
Location Fryeburg, Maine, USA
National ranking
Total enrollment 650
Scholarship Yes


Fryeburg Academy is a private school in Maine, being established in 1792, it is one of the oldest private schools in the United States. It provides boarding for students from abroad and believes that every new member makes a valuable addition to the community that has now grown to consist of more than 600 students, giving the pace vibrant atmosphere and open-minded attitude. This attitude can be shared in clubs like Model UN, Philosophy club, Chess, Robotics, in dorms, the majority of which are double rooms emphasizing cooperative approach to others and in the gatherings of students on various recreational activities. With these parts of school life so significant for personal development come excellent academic programs forming a well-balanced student. The academy offers 20 AP classes, rigorous courses as well as those adjusted to individual qualities in all 5 core subjects required for graduation from high school in the USA: Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies and World Language, as well as Technology and Arts. In Fryeburg Academy that experiential learning is the crucial part of learning and the application of knowledge is a valuable tool throughout the whole journey of education; the influence of this attitude can be seen in all kinds of courses with school trips and projects being part of the curriculum. This also helps students pursuing one of the Certificate Programs offered by the school to explore the subject of interest more in depth. Technical career is one great direction to start with in high school, especially with Fryeburg’s many relevant programs allowing you to gain experience so early in a tech career. For those not yet confident about the future career and still in the process of exploring their interests, the academy offers career, college counseling services and academic support programs. Fryeburg Academy provides financial aid that is received by a third of all students with additional loan and merit options. For international students the academy has the CIS service (Center of International Students) that consists of not only ESOL program but also other additional benefits.

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