University of California, Irvine

Opened 1965
Type Public university
Location Irvine, California, USA
National ranking 33
Rankings 10 in Top Public Schools
Total enrollment 43381
Scholarship Yes


University of California, Irvine is large public research university in the American West Coast. A few words about the UC system must be said first, as it is part of what makes the university so prestigious for. It is composed of 12 public research universities, campuses that constantly rank high in Global Ratings. UC Irvine, specifically is known for high standards of education comparable to top private global universities. It was established in 1965 and since then been a great destination for scholars across the globe to pursue career in research. The university is classified as an institution with high research activity, this title is backed up by rich history of having students, researchers in UC Irvine receive numerous awards, among which are 5 Nobel prizes and the amount of funding allocated to research. For this and many other reasons about 35000 people study in UCI each year, these are the 20% of all applicants who got lucky to be admitted. The benefit of studying in UCI is that no matter what major one chooses, they can be confident in their education as the vast majority of the faculties are well-balanced in terms of their quality. Irvine is not only an excellent place to study but also a perfect city to live. It is consistently rated as the safest U.S. city and the campus provides students with all the resources they need. UCI Med Center for example, is one of the best hospitals in the country in which those studying medicine at the UCI have a chance to gain experience. The campus is also green due to all the trees being planted in the recent years. As part of the UC system, UC Irvine along with the other 11 public colleges, provide generous financial aid to those in need.

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