Fairmont Private Schools

Opened 1953
Type Private school
Location Orange County, California, USA
National ranking
Total enrollment


Fairmont Private Schools is the oldest school in Orange County, California – it was established in 1953. The school has been serving grades P-12 for generations now, while promoting their rich experience integrated in excellent acclaimed college-preparatory curriculum and world-class teachers. The curriculum has absorbed all the best resources for developing students academically, some them include: AP Classes, Honors and has adopted several extremely effective in terms of future college career opportunities programs: Advanced Science and Engineering program, Robotics, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, International Business Program, Advances Mathematics and more. Classes are offered not only in the academic fields, but also performing and visual art. Excellence in traditional education is not the only path to college, student athletes enjoy the benefits of their physical performance that had been professionally developed by their school sports department in many cases, for this reason Fairmont School integrated soccer, hockey, basketball and other sports into their curriculum as optional courses for their students. There are 5 campuses that have their distinct use and form, where students have lunch, do community service and attend some of the 50 clubs available. Those applicants who were admitted to Fairmont Private School have the opportunity to continue their path of education in some of the top global universities.

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