Delphian School

Opened 1976
Type Private school
Location Sheridan, Oregon, USA
National ranking
Total enrollment
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Delphian School is a boarding school on the American West Coast. Despite being opened relatively recently, 1976, the school has developed a unique approach to education based on philosophy and experience of previous generations of educators, significant part of which is strong emphasis on literature that is believed to expand the student’s approach to study and self-pacing through a unique education model that doesn’t imply grading as the primary development indication: students move through the curriculum in a way that matches their capabilities. Although Delphian School has put strong emphasis on academic success, big impact on student life have clubs and afterschool activities with classmates in a more free setting; some of the great options include choir, ceramics, creative writing and sport: volleybal, soccer, basketball, tennis and more. Student dorms are designed to fulfill these and other parts of students’ daily routines with 9 dormitories for grades K-12, all with functional use of space. It is important, because most students live together and spend their leisure time on a large school’s rural campus located in Sheridan, Oregon. The school provides need-based financial aid and admits students exclusively on the basis of their qualifications regardless of family financial resources.

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